Industry Expertise

Expertise and Proven Experience

SAR Tech is the leading international contract research organization that offers integrated, comprehensive drug development, and laboratory as well as life-cycle management services.

Our customers and partners encompass pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology, academic as well as government organizations.


Having worked with more than 15+ top pharmaceutical companies, SAR Tech now has the resources to carry out international trials across six continents.

We also bring effective excellence and innovative technologies combined with clinical expertise to create a personalized solution that meets the needs of the clients.


Biotechnology enterprises encounter a variety of challenges in meeting the demands of the market for innovative diagnostic and therapeutic products.

We believe that if a biotechnology company does not have by its side a company that genuinely comprehends all the nuances of the company’s exclusive model and development plan then it will become really for the company to introduce its products to the patients.

International government and public health

SAR Tech’s international government and public health services group provides a personalized approach to working with the government as well as non-profit customers.

We offer customers access to the teams of experts who specializes in clinical development and in program management with an exclusive comprehension of the government procurement procedures.

Medical Device

With extensive and intricate experience in all the classes or sections of medical devices, SAR Tech comprehends the special need of medical device development.

As competition and regulatory needs for device development keep on intensifying, the procedure of bringing a successful product in the market requires precise combination of the expertise and resources.