Industries overview

Development of truly usable and successful solutions takes more than just technology. It demands an in-depth understanding of your industry. An appreciation of its unique challenges and opportunities. A familiarity with how employees work, how companies interact with their partners, and what keeps customers happy, today and tomorrow. It requires experience.

Further, the requirements of each industry also depend on their respective location. The needs for our domestic clients are very different from those of our International clients. SAR Tech has the advantage of understanding a diverse range of industries in both the domestic and the global market.

At SAR Tech, our comprehensive industry insights foster innovative solutions. Combining industry-specific experience with extensive technical expertise, our seasoned professionals develop technology solutions that address the unique challenges of our Client’s markets.

  • Travel and Transportation
  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods(FMCG)
  • IT Consulting (Staffing)
  • Pharmaceuticals

Find out more about the industries we serve, and how we serve them.

Travel and Transportation

For the Travel and Transportation industry, technology is the enabler for seamless connectivity among the customer, the organization and the product.

At SAR Tech, we provide solutions & services that streamline core operations as well as technologies designed to enhance the customer experience. We provide services specific to the Travel and Transportation sector covering the key business processes and partners. 

Fast Moving Consumer Goods(FMCG)

Through our management consulting, outsourcing and technology services, SAR Tech helps consumer goods companies transform their businesses in dynamic market conditions to attain high performance.

Our industry solutions develop an in-depth understanding of consumers and their varying needs; enable sustained capabilities through ERP, custom and emerging technologies; optimize supply chain and cost structures; and offer a unique mix of strategies that serve as building blocks for accelerating growth, increasing shareholder returns and sustaining long-term success.

IT Consulting (Staffing)

We also work with IT Consulting firms in assisting them choosing the right technology and business services . We provide custom made solutions for the company to meet their business needs.

SAR Tech’s Human Resources Management for the IT consulting companies mainly recruiting help them not only reduce HR costs, but also improve the delivery of an HR strategy and enhance employee satisfaction with HR management. Effective HR Management is a constant balancing act between efficiency and effectiveness, between cost reduction and adequate delivery of service. 


SAR Tech is the leading international contract research organization that offers integrated, comprehensive drug development, and laboratory as well as life-cycle management services.

Our customers and partners encompass pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology, academic as well as government organizations.